Vocal Entertainer
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Nice of you to stumble on to my web site. Don’t move on for a while, peruse this little cornucopia of audio-visual that I have put together.

As a young man I toured Europe as vocalist/keyboard player, and front man in a seven piece band.
We had a fabulous sound and as well as performing our own material, we performed soul, with jazz overtones. We pulled in enthusiastic crowds where ever we played, and were often support for groups such as the Moody Blues, The Alan Price Set, and Procul Harum.
Unfortunately as time went on we found it harder to adequately take care of little luxuries in life such as food, clothing etc. Keeping a large showband like that on the road, is an expensive business, and we did not have the economies of scale to continue.
When I joined a four piece group in later years performing covers, and standards at Britain’s then thriving working men’s clubs, the whole experience was in contrast financially rewarding, although, and I am sorry if this sounds a little pretentious, it was not particularly stimulating artistically.

I was fortunate to have had some songs published by Acuff Rose of Nashville, however, my song-writing partners passing drew a halt on that for a few years until recently, when I kick-started the composing side of me once again.

For the last ten years I have been performing solo, and have adapted my skills to include music therapy for dementia sufferers, and sensory story telling for people with sight and hearing impairments.
I have British Sign language level 1, and am also a published poet. Oh! - and a grandfather to four granddaughters .

What was going down really well recently, until a nasty bug interrupted proceedings, were my Music Quizzes, hundreds upon hundreds of songs and audio clips, as well as picture quizzes, and always some great rapport from yours truly! These little musical afternoons, or indeed mornings, are a brilliant ice breaker, and you won’t find a better, or more experienced front man to run them for you.    

I am also an enthusiastic actor, having performed such roles as Fagin and Sweeney Todd.